As I shucked and boiled, stripped and packed corn for the freezer las night, I did a little math, Bruce spent about 2 hours tilling the new corn patch (it held root crops last year), adding a load of rock minerals and laying down the corn mulch. We all helped with the planting. That probably took another hour. We never had to pull weeds because of the mulch although we did have to water some but there is no more labor the hose over. I have worked about 3 hours each of three nights with getting the corn into the freezer. I should say that harvesting and shucking was a family affair with the girls helping too. There was the added labor of cleanup but it didn’t take that long. We spent almost no money other than the seeds and we could always save seed if so inclined. Anyway. The point is that I have enough corn to eat a quart each week until mid July when the new sweet corn will be up.

I suppose that if I were to calculate a wage, I could have bought 50 bags of corn for not a lot more money. But the thing is that I like doing the corn. We had a good time working with the girls and I get a lot of satisfaction out of a job well done. I like knowing my food comes from back yard and I had to be doing something with those hours anyway. I’m actually looking forward to the first crisp, late fall day and making a big pot of corn chowder.

It was a momentous day yesterday. Our chicks laid their first egg! Phoebe was so excited to find the little pullet hidden in the box. I love the feeling of friendship I have with theses birds. I know this sounds crazy but I think there are particularly nice chickens. They are so sweet and funny when I bring them corn or watermelon. This is another place where one could argue that the time invested is not worth a couple of dozen eggs a week but I would disagree. The value of chickens goes way beyond eggs for me. Next year, I want some birds that can set on a nest.

I have started keeping a notebook in my car. As I drive I am marking the places with apple trees and mushroom stands so I can go back. I can’t wait for apple season. It looks like a great crop this year. We are planning lots of cider saucing parties. Fall must really be in the air for me to be thinking cider.