I have been catching up on questions that need answering. It’s a good thing as it gives me a ready-made topic when my brain is so otherwise occupied I couldn’t come up with anything.

About the oil press: the website, Homestead.com, has a review of the press with a link to the company website. In contacting them you can get a bulk price of $69.00 each if you buy 6 of them. That’s a great price but the press is only useful if you have an oil source like sunflowers or walnuts.

About depression era books: I loved The Worst Hard Time, We Hd Everything But Money and Stories and Recipes of the Great Depression of the 1930’s. I have read many more but the titles would have to be retrieved from the aforementioned preoccupied brain. Maybe you can help me out here and send in your favorite titles. We did this with doomer novels and I had a great time catching up on books I had missed.

It’s the time of the year when I could work all day and not catch up. The tomatoes are coming by the bushel. (Thanks Chicky-bit-run. Your Black Plum toms won the taste test at my permaculture meeting. I have lots of people willing to swap with me for seeds). I have been gathering grapes and making wine like a mad woman. I had a friend over and we made double batches of grape, dandelion and goldenrod wines using recipes we found in Making Wild Wines and Meads. My DH is getting used to eating at one end of the table as the other is filled with jugs of fermenting glop. I picked apples with a dedicated reader yesterday and now I have bushels of apples to turn into sauce and cider. I’m also planning for my food preservation workshops here and in PA at the Mother Earth News Sustainable Living Fair. I’m scheduled to help Bruce at the Franklin County Fair this weekend, making candles at the Bee Booth. I have a book signing and a couple of neighborhood parties and I think my brain might explode.

But in a few weeks the rush will be over. The leaves will turn color and it will be time to hunker down. To be honest, I just can’t wait.