Here’s what’s up around Barefoot Farm. I spent Saturday harvesting wild grapes, apples and mushrooms and racking the dandelion wine with my good friend, Leni. I also scored a HUGE bag of red peppers that need to be preserved. I hoped to get that yesterday but we were scheduled to work in the Bee Booth at the Franklin County Fair.  I was making candles with kids and Bruce answered bee questions and sold honey and honey products. This is a wonderful fair with gorgeous exhibits. I got inspired to pick up my quilting again after looking the amazing quilts on display. That won’t happen this month as I’m still preparing for my preservation classes. I am also getting ready to have Dimitry Orlov come to speak to our sustainability group. That means getting the press releases out, posters up and the space reserved as well getting the permit for parking. None of this is hard work but it’s time-consuming and I have som else to do. The garden is needing attention and it’s time to button up the house for winter.

In the midst of this, we found a farm! We have been dreaming about a place just a bit more private and with a barn and fireplaces and we found one. It’s only a couple of minutes from where we live now. The price is a bit high but not too bad really. The house has a real cooking fireplace int the kitchen with the beehive oven. There are fireplaces in each bedroom and in the living room. I really want to take a  look but I’m afraid of falling in love. Moving would be such a hassle. Then there’s the greenhouse and perennial food plants and the to orchard and Phoebe’s play yard. But the farm has barn!!! And it’s on a quiet dirt road bordered by beautiful maple trees. The neighbors are lovely and we would still be just a few miles from the Creamery. The down side is that it is not walking distance. It’s up a couple of steep hills and three miles is not walking distance in the winter around here. I know I should just forget about it but I can’t,

Bruce has Men’s Group meeting at our house tonight and I need to get the house cleaned and the food ready. Even with both of us working, it’s a big job because of all the food preserving going on. Everything is sticky and there are bottles and jars and equipment everywhere. I have piles of cookbooks and preservation books on every flat surface as well as my notes for my workshops and we are definitely not quest ready. At least having a lot to do will keep my mind off a pretty little 200-year-old house, sitting snug under a canopy of golden maples with a well in the front yard and dear little red barn across the road. But really. It couldn’t hurt to just look, could it?