We had a frost, a light one, just enough to get the basil and some of the tomatoes. Until now, I have been able to pretend that winter is still far away, so far I could forget about it. I have things I meant to do. We were supposed to have an updated energy audit done and meet with out gas company to look a furnace options. I meant to update my canned food inventory. I know I’m short on some staples like canned pineapple and oranges, tuna and condensed milk. I meant to buy new pillows. I meant to make an inventory of winter clothing so I would know just what snowsuit and boot sizes I have and fill in for visiting grandchildren. I had every intention of stocking  up on some good paperbacks so I wouldn’t be left with nothing to read. The best laid plans seemed to get sidelined by too much heat and malaise and the feeling that the dark cold days might never come.

Of course, they always come, whether I’ve prepared or not. Today, I’m taking an hour and making the phone calls to the gas company and I’m scheduling the energy audit. I know I would benefit from more insulation and weather-stripping. Our furnace is 25 years old and not meeting our needs. Ideally, I want one that burns wood and one that uses propane. I need a new chimney too.

So what have you put off? Look at your preparedness like a lasagna, with lots of layers. The first is personal. Have you had a physical lately? Are you up-to-date on dental care? Should you quit a ba habit? Do you have a skill you need to learn or perfect? What are the things you need to see to that can be tackled today? How are your finances? Do you have a will and healthcare proxy? Are you still in debt? Can you work to eliminate some soon, even if it means an extra job or cutting out the cable or selling something that you don’t use much. What about the family layer? Have you made and practiced a fire escape plan? Do  you need to reduce the time spent on outside activities and do more as a family? Have you planned for meeting the needs of you kids in a disaster? Do you have extra diapers and warm clothing?

You can see where this is going. We are probably all guilty of a little procrastinating. Today is a good day to set a couple of achievable goals and set out to meet them. Winter is coming. It’s getting colder every day.