I have been doing a lot of research on food security lately. The numbers are troubling and account for no small amount of wasted energy, not to mention the extra load on the landfills as most people don’t compost. I hope we waste less than most people, especially with the compost, the chickens and the pigs, but we certainly contribute our fair share. I believe that most waste comes from disorganization. If we remembered we had it we would use it. So my plan for the week is to get my freezers defrosted and organized before the pigs are butchered next month. It’s a daunting task and better broken up into small pieces. The fruit and veggie freezer is in good shape but the big one in the basement-well, not so much.

I have  a bunch of coolers so I can empty it easily enough. The problem is figuring out a system for tracking the contents that I will use. I need something easy and convenient to avoid the “I’ll get to it later” trap. In some ways, the fridge freezer is the hardest one to deal with as it’s the one for the day-to day stuff and I’m not the only one using it.

I’m actually thinking of getting a new refrigerator. The one I have isn’t that old but it’s really inconvenient for me. The door swings open the wrong way and hits the kitchen door so cleaning it is a pain. The freezer is on the top and I’m not tall enough to reach inside easily. It’s poorly arranged too and I can never find anything. I would not replace it for those reasons: we generally keep our appliances until they’re antiques but I have a friend who needs a new fridge and if I can give this one to her I can feel okay because a new one needs to be purchased in any case.

The honey processing is going really well. I tried my hand at candle making. I loved doing it and the finished product if useful. I have only done votives but I just ordered the molds to try tapers. I bought some bayberry wax too. I think bayberry bushes are on my list for next year. I love the smell and a little wax goes a long way. I got the equipment and seed to make creamed honey too. That’s one of my projects for the day. We are looking for ways to add more value to our honey. I need a way to provide an income stream.

I’ve been cleaning up the garden. Now it rains, just when I could use some sun to finish drying the beans but no complaining. Our water table was in sad and sorry shape.

It looks like my MIL’s house is sold. YEAH!!!! I hope this means a barn is in our future. We really need a kitchen space to hold all of my food and honey processing equipment and a place to work that doesn’t need to be cleaned up for meals. Bruce needs a woodworking shop. He’s begun building us some living room furniture. Our basement is too cool and damp to be a good workspace and it can’t be good for the tools. We are also talking about getting a family cow. One would provide milk for a couple of families as well as a calf to butcher each year or two. It would keep the field  from growing in and keep us in fertilizer too. Dexters are a good, all-purpose breed.

I would appreciate any freezer advice you all have. Somebody has to have a system that works.

For any of you in the area, Dmitry Orlov is speaking in the Village Church, 32 Main Street in Cummington on Saturday, October 9th at 7:00. I am hoping for a good turn out. He’s a really good speaker and his perspectives on how collapse plays out whould be well worth the $5.00.