I got the best responses about organizing my freezer. I plan to implement a couple of them. I was especially interested in the insurance issue. I had not thought about the need for an inventory in order to file a claim. Good point.

A bit of this, a bit of that is often a good plan. DH and I were talking about our squash (never let it be said that romance dies). I was debating storage options. Do I put them upstairs and risk loss to rot? Do I use the precious space in my freezer. Do I dehydrate which is time-consuming as I have 50 of them? Our solution is to do a bit of this and a bit of that. That way we cover all our bases and protect our food source. I’ll eat the cold storage first, then move to the frozen and finish with the dried.

I think this is important with all preparedness. When ever possible, I try not to have one solution but multiple solutions. We have town water that is gravity fed spring water. We also have a small stream and a way to haul water and a way to purify it. Now we’re thinking about opening our well and getting a hand pump. We have a propane parlor stove that does not need electricity but we also have a wood stove and a wood pile for backup and lots of quilts and blankets. I have a freezer but I also have a way to can everything if I lose my power. I raise a lot of food but I also buy in bulk. Multiple layers of preparedness for multiple potential problems.

We finished our honey yesterday. We ended up with 96 jars, 8 and 16 oz, a dozen 1 pound cartons of creamed honey, a basket of candles and we still have about 80 pounds left  that we will bottle in large jars for those who want to purchase in bulk. This is part of our “a bit of this, a bit of that” program. I work one day a week.I do workshops and trainings. I get a bit from book sales.  We sell a bit of honey. We sell some produce. We don’t spend much. We make do.