I have quite a weekend coming up. On Saturday night, Dmitry Orlov is coming to speak at our church. I love his blog. Club Orlov is well written and often quite funny. I consider it fertilizer for my brain. It always makes me think. It’s also our first Main Street Honey Festival. I made a batch of honey/blueberry jam to sell along with the honey, cremed honey and candles. I might make a couple of loaves of honey/whole wheat bread too.

I returned home yesterday to find that my potatoes had been delivered. It was a happy/sad moment. The spuds are beautiful but it feels terrible to have had to purchase them. My harvest was terrible. If we had needed it to get through the year we would have been mighty hungry by Christmas. I bought enough to get through the year plus some to share and some for seed.

This is time to buy those winter vegetables if you were not able to grow them. The prices are low and the selection good. If you have a root cellar, you can fill it for a hundred dollars. That’s a pretty cheap insurance policy. Given how bad the jobs situation is, make sure you have food. If you’re really in tough financial shape, check out places for gleaning. Ask at your local food pantry. A lot of people won’t take things like squash, carrots, turnips and beets or even potatoes because they don’t cook. You might be able to take some that would otherwise get tossed out. It’s also a good time to check out dried beans. If you have 4 or 5 good dried bean recipes you can turn to, you can feed a hungry family for pennies rather than dollars. I just bought a giant jar of taco seasoning mix because we like black beans, corn, tomatoes and cheese stuffed tacos. I grow the tomatoes, the corn and the beans so this a really cheap and healthy meal but even if I purchased everything, it’s a bargain meal.

I’m going apple picking today. We need to press cider. I can’t believe we are this late in the season with no cider put up  yet. It happens. Things just get away from me sometimes.