I have to get some more freezer space freed up so yesterday I cooked the last of the turkeys I froze last year. It took all day to cook but the result was a lot of meat in relation to bone. I got dinner last night, six more packages of breast meat, two packages of wings and drumsticks and I made a huge pot of meaty soup stock that will make at least three meals for us. So while the initial investment in a free range, local bird was big ($60.00) the cost works out to $5.00 a meal or about $1.25. It’s not like beans but it’s still reasonable, especially since turkey can be dressed up or down and now it needs only thawing and reheating, something I can do over a single burner. I am considering the cost of cooking more and more as the price of oil seems to be on an upward trajectory.

I broke down and turned on the stove this week. I refuse to keep it above 68 degrees and the bedrooms are considerably cooler than that so having a warm bed to jump into matters. On of my best investments has been those fabulous flannel sheets. I am still looking for a deal on down comforters. I have primaloft but they are no match for down. Another good spend is slippers. Cold feet are miserable and the first thing to make you head for a thermostat. Good, bulky cardigans are a must around here as are robes. We have also found that by keeping the living room a bit warmer with the small stove, the rest of the house being cold doesn’t matter as much. My girls spend very little time in their rooms anyway. We all seem to end up in the living room. Both girls like board games, I read a lot and Bruce is nearly always in the middle of some project or other.

I am feeling a bit gloomy today. This miserable recession is hitting so close to home. People I care about are losing jobs and finding it tougher to get by. As food prices and heating cost go up, along with the cost of running a car, things are likely to get hard for many this winter. Those of us used to making do and doing without are going to be okay but a lot of people are going to be in for a shock. This might be the perfect time to get a group going to figure out how to make the coming years less difficult.