I love reading the comments to  my blog. I just wish I had the time to answer to email each of  you privately and discuss specific issues. As I can’t, at least not if I plan to get anything else done, I would suggest that you begin the process of forming a sustainability/relocalization/preparedness group to foster the kind of support that makes this life not just possible but much more enjoyable. You can start with a book club or a film series or attending a lecture or anything that will get the ball rolling with like-minded people. You might be surprised at how many people are concerned about the future and ready to join forces to share information and resources.

We had our compost delivered yesterday. Ten yards may sound like a lot and it is but we need another ten to completely cover our garden space. As we don’t raise a lot of livestock we don’t generate enough compost to meet our needs. The expense is big but you need to grow soil before you can grow anything else. Just as I wouldn’t scrimp on my children’s nutrition, I won’t skimp on my soil’s. So today I need to get the rest of the carrots, beets and turnips dug and in the root cellar so I can get those beds but to rest for the winter. After top-dressing with compost, we will plant a cover crop of buckwheat or clover. Maybe next year we will get some rain and have a great rather than fair harvest.

If you get some time, there is a good you tube video called the Wartime Kitchen and Garden you might enjoy. We have so much to learn from both wartime and depression era experiences. More and more, unemployment is hitting closer to home. I’m starting to get calls from friends and family asking for advice and information, calls from folks who could never have imagined that food security would be an issue for them.

I’m sore today. I spent Monday at my MIL’s house, getting it emptied out for the new owners. I came home with linens and dishes, pictures and cutlery. It’s funny what people want. Some went right for the more valuable antiques, others toward the family memorabilia. I was happy to get some excellent knives, a new set of flat wear and the pillows, sheets and quilts. We are making copies of the old photos so we can all have those. It was a hard day. Saying goodby to a house that holds so many memories is difficult.

Now we are putting together the upstairs to accommodate my son and his wife. The windows are nearly all in. Bruce is patching and painting the walls and I’m getting rid of some clutter to make room for their things. The amount going out is amazing.

I’m doing a family preparedness training tomorrow night. I hope to inspire and inform. I think getting ready for disruptions in fuel and food have never been more likely.