As I’ve mentioned, My mother-in-law’s house finally sold. We are just about done cleaning out 60 year’s worth of accumulated “stuff” so the new owners can take possession in the next few weeks. It is quite interesting to see what the nine brothers and sisters regard as something of value ans what each considers junk.

Some headed straight for the antiques, china and such, some for the memorabilia, pictures and letters. Some wanted nothing and wanted all the furniture (he owns several apartment buildings) I took the junk. Well, it was junk to everybody but me. I got a bunch of old candles. A couple of dozen were new, still wrapped in cellophane but there were a lot of have burned too as well a huge jar of ends and pieces. I took all of them, melted down the used ones and the stubs and made thirty votives out of the wax. fortunately, Grama Jackie tended toward red candles wo the color is fine. We used some of these to light up our pumpkins last night. I took all the tools too. I finally have a heavy-duty set of pliers and a good hammers for kitchen use. I took nails and screws and wire and tape, flashlights and paintbrushes and reams of paper. Pencils and pens, scissors and a great selection of knives and pots and pans. I took all of the old kitchen stuff like egg beaters and cookie cutters, cutting board and pot holders. I also took the sheets and pillows, towels and wash cloths. We only took one big piece, a beautiful four poster bed that no one else had room for. It will fit in my spare bedroom and provide Ben and Maggie with a place to sleep when they return home.  I also took a lot of the very old vinyl records. I’m on the lookout now for a turntable. I love the old music and vinyl will last when CD’s are history.

I know everybody thought I was nuts. What I took was otherwise destined for the landfill bu to me it had real and lasting value. Even candle stubs can be reused with a very small effort.

I found something that was pretty sad. Over the years, MIL received many gifts that were junk to her. They were stacked in the basement with shreds of wrapping paper still hanging from the boxes. There were electric grill, coffee pots and candy dishes and all sorts of other bric-a-brac that never saw the light of day. All of the wasted resources and wasted energy that went into that stuff is astounding. I did grab most of the small appliances to give to the young woman who lived with us for several years. She’s looking forward to getting her own apartment and she’ll need everything. A George Forman grill won’t be junk to her.

I took a class in lacto-fermentation methods on Saturday. It was terrific. I finally understand the process and the science. I plan to ferment some turnip today and maybe some carrots as well. Kimchi will come after that. I have done some of this in the past but there are health benefits to lacto-fermented products that make me determined to have some on the table every night.