November is often a month similar to February, not really one thing or the other. Winter is not here in full force but fall is waning. The holidays aren’t here, the garden has wound down. It can be hard to get motivated. I know I have found myself staring at some project without actually getting started on it. Times like this, I find it helps to write down a few goals for a week and commit to getting them finished. For me, I have to get a new energy audit done, talk to the furnace people and finish pressing the apples for cider.

We had an audit done a while ago but we were not satisfied with it. There is another company that has a reputation for doing a much better job so today, this day, not putting it off until next week or next month, I will make the call and get that one thing off my plate. If I invite a friend over to press apples, it will solve that problem for me. I plan to push the furnace call off on Bruce. I hope that getting those things finished will spur me to further action. I know we have gotten off schedule because of selling the house but that excuse is over. So what next step do you need to take?

Is your medical care up-to-date? If a crisis happens, you need to be in good physical shape. Tetanus shots are particularly important if you’re working outside. How about your dental care and eye glasses? I need to get my prescription updated so I can schedule that this week too. How’s the food storage going? If you got one week stored, start on week two. Is there a skill you want to acquire? Is there a big-ticket item you want to save for? Is there a life change you need to make?

We have very small holiday expectations for gifts, especially compared to many other families. I can get all of the shopping and wrapping done in the next month and spend December with family and friends without the pressure of shopping. My girls both need new x-country skis. They would be getting them in any case so I need to start checking out Craig’s list and free cycle. My kids don’t care at all if something is new or not. Sports equipment is always a good bet for second-hand. Some new hair ties and a few needed clothes and maybe some puzzles or a game will be it. I got Phoebe an adorable outfit at a resale shop last week. It’s already in its gift bag and put away. My goal is to avoid the mall as if it was ground zero for the plague.