I have been bust this week with presenting a couple of keynote speeches and some trainings and I now have a nice little purse. I have been putting together a shopping list. The list is a good idea as it’s really easy to make impulsive purchases and regret it later. Here’s what I have so far.

Heirloom seed collection: I just ordered a catalog for Baker Seeds because they sell some seed collections that I have seen and liked. I could certainly spend less if the seeds were purchased separately but these seeds are packed for long-term storage in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. The selection is excellent. I have used Baker Seeds in the past and the germination rate was fine. It’s a big spend but I think a good one.

Tattle lids: I have very mixed feelings about these lids but I still think they are worth the investment.

Volcano Stove: I like the looks of this stove and the reviews are good. I’m not getting the propane attachment as I have a good camp stove. I have good stash of charcoal but I will get more of that as well.

Nails, screws, fasteners of all kinds.

Quality outerwear.

The rest of the Foxfire series.

More winemaking and beer making supplies including corks, a corker and a very large carboy.

More cheesemaking supplies and equipment.

Trees and berries (I really want Sassafras but I’m not sure it will grow here)

I will probably add to my store of wheat berries and sugar.

What would you do with a windfall?