I am back home from my Florida/keynote speech trip. It was a miserable return trip with delayed flights and a looooooong layover in Baltimore. My son is graduating from college in April. I want to see the ceremony but I am determined not to fly again so I have some things to figure out.

Orlando is a different kind of place. From my hotel room I could see scores of hotels and shops and eateries but not much else. I saw a lot of families and, for people who were in what is touted as the happiest place on Earth, there was an awful lot of whining going on. Everyone in the airport looked cranky and exhausted. I couldn’t help but wonder how much of the stuff in the bags they were hauling around would actually give them real pleasure when they returned home and how much would just turn to clutter, then tag sale wares, then come to rest in a landfill without ever fulfilling any useful purpose.

Bruce and I have a good day planned. We are mapping out the new beds for the strawberries and blueberries as well as harvesting the last of the mushrooms. I got an order of seeds for sprouting and I have to get those packaged. I also found a source for raw milk so I’m going to make cheese today too. I have asked DH to look for plans to build me a cheese press. I like hard cheese and with a good milk supply, I will finally be able to work on that process.

I need to spend sometime in the house. I have been so busy getting my presentations done that other things have fallen by the wayside. I have a lot to do before the holidays to prepare for all my company.

One other thing Bruce and I are doing is updating our plot plan. We don’t have a huge piece of property and we need to make every square foot work for us, either in producing food, supporting wildlife including pollinators or surrounding us with beauty. It’s time to order new trees and bushes. I want a permanent plan before I do this. We can see that our blueberries are not doing well in their current location. We’re moving them which will leave us with an empty space for something else. I would love to grow sassafras. I think I’m going to give it a shot.