I’m going to rant a bit because I do feel as though what’s in the news today (or not as the case may be) has a lot to do with preparedness.

First: I hope that the planned rebellion that is to happen in airports over the Thanksgiving holidays happens. Having just been through this nightmare myself, I only wish I had an opportunity to participate.

Next: Today, the Food Safety bill is coming up for a vote. The bill is supposed to protect us from unsafe food. They will do this by hyper-regulating all food and suppliers. The Tester amendment will exempt small producers. If the amendment is not included, look out for regulations that may cripple small farms, orchards, apiaries and people selling a couple dozen eggs a day.

I find it beyond crazy that the news is leading with the story of a royal wedding rather than the assault on our food supply. We can live without royalty and the bread and circus of a ceremony in country in the midst of a financial crisis but we can’t live without a functioning food system.

From a preparedness standpoint, it the Testa amendments is not included in the food safety legislation, I will be looking to make some major investments in my land. I’m usually pretty conservative and try not to bite off more than I can comfortably chew but I will consider this a call, not to arms, but to shovels. I will consider every calorie I produce to be a patriotic act. Keep one thought in mind. If they feed you, they own you.

I have a food security kind of day going on today. We are picking up pork from the butcher for a friend who can’t get there today. Bruce is picking up turkeys for the food pantry and in between, I’m defrosting the big freezer and organizing my jar storage area in the basement. It’s amazing just how cluttered that space can get. I will keep you posted on the vote and if you hearing anything please post it here.