I break all the rules and keep a lot of commercially canned food in my damp basement, the theory being that, as I rotate so often, the food will be used and replaced before the cans have time to degrade. The only problem is that we are growing and home preserving so much, I am a lot slower about the rotating than I use to be. I mean who wants canned pineapple when you have delicious home canned peaches and applesauce? So when I went to the basement to defrost the freezer and tidy up the jar storage, I peaked on the shelfs of commercial food and found that a can of pineapple had sprung a small leak. The juice had come out and the fruit inside completely dried out. The can weighed nearly nothing! The can itself was covered with a fine powdered mildew as were some adjoining cans. Now I have my work cut out for me. I’m going to have to make some changes. All of the canned food will have to come upstairs. Where will it go?????

I  have an upstairs closet that is quite large. Right now I store the lamps and lamp fuel, the solar oven and the unit that sits on top of a wood stove to make an oven in that space. I guess all of that could go downstairs. Another option is to run the dehumidifyer but I hate to use that much electricity. I have a lot of space in this house. There has to be a solution. I just haven’t thought of it yet.

I have been reading the headline news (I know, I know but I’m an addict). Federal fuel assistance has been cut by 47% and unemployment relief  has not gotten an extension. It may be a tough winter for a lot of families. I know that governments can not continue to spend money they don’t have but I’m not one who can hear about old people and little kids being cold and hungry and not be moved by it.