So it’s 33 degrees and pouring and I have a turkey hangover. My thoughts are hopscotching around and coming up with a topic is just not happening. I was asked by a reader about making vinegar. I put the apple leavings in a 1/2 gallon jug, added about a cup of organic cider vinegar with the mother floating around in it, then filled the jar up with water (non-chlorinated) and waited. It doesn’t taste strong enough to me. I still need to pick up a box of ph strips. This does not a topic make.

The hit yesterdays was my lemon meringue pie. I made it with the lemons from my lemon tree and our own eggs. It was really good but, like all pies, disappeared way too fast for the labor involved. If this day doesn’t improve, I am still thinking another pie just might brighten things up.

Something good did happen. A friend of mine was selling a fabulous wood stove that cost $1800.00 a few years ago and has never been used for $200.00. I bought it and we got it moved to the basement yesterday when my boys were here. I would be a chore but if we needed to, we could move the propane stove out of the living room and put this one in. It has two cooking surfaces and is large enough to heat the downstairs and keep the upstairs warm enough for sleeping. The only thing we would have to do is shut down the upstairs bathroom. As we have one downstairs, that would be nothing but a minor inconvenience.

The stove was the final preparedness piece I needed to address. We have lots of cast iron cookware and a stove top box oven and a supply of wood. My son says that he will take care of getting the wood once he moves in. I  would be willing to switch the stove out now but I understand my DH’s point. We love the ease of the propane parlor stove. It’s clean and safe, it doesn’t require electricity and we will use it as long as we can.

I think this wet weather is up and down the East coast. I am thinking that it might discourage a lot of people from standing outside to wait for a door buster special on a flat screen TV. One can always hope anyway.

One final thought. I am really grateful for the many faithful readers I have.  I know you have lots of options  for things to read and I am always moved when you choses me. Thank you.