I was feeling sorry for myself yesterday. I left the house at 7:00AM for a 7:45 md’s appt. only to find that the doctor had called in and would not be able to see me until 10:00. I killed time until then, went in and got my flu and pneumonia shots (I have terrible asthma and the flu could kill me). Then I got to go to the mall and do my Christmas shopping. The mall is my idea of hell although it was about empty so it could have been worse. Then back to town to meet my daughter for a doctor’s appointment. From there I had to drive another 20 minutes to get to work. I work at DCF one day a week. I had to stay because I was co-leading a training program which went from 6:00 to 9:30. The I got to drive another 45 minutes home. I didn’t get in until 10:00pm and had to do a phone interview with a radio talk show in California. The interviewer had not read my book. It was a hellish day.

So I was feeling churlish only to find that my DH had tackled a huge, unpleasant job while I was away. Two beds we needed to be rid of had gone to a neighbor who needed them. It was so nice to see this all finished. Today, I get to start on my big upstairs rearrange. The spare room is being done over for the return of my son and DIL in April. The second spare room is now my new food storage room. With the bed out of there it is plenty big enough. The third spare room will keep the bed but it’s also my sewing room.  I remember the days when every bed was full, along with the futon in the den. It’s a lot more quiet than it used to be.

Have any of you followed the story about the big storm in Western NY? It was a similar freak storm that caught Bruce and I one October, many years ago. We were well prepared as we had been planning to go camping but a lot of others were cold and hungry for the many hours we spent sitting on the New York Thruway. I wonder how many of the stranded were prepared for spending the night in their cars this time. I’m betting very few. Of course all of us would be ready. Right? You do have care kits with some food and water and blankets and a good book, don’t you? You have a shovel and your cell phone is charged, isn’t it? Somebody knows where you are, don’t they? I thought so. Phew.

I just added a link to thesurvivalistblog. I am a big fan of the Archdruid Report too. One thing I really like are sites that support James Michael Greer’s idea of Green Wizards, the garage inventors putting together innovative technology in energy and gardening from the resources available. Thesurvivalistblog had plans for a neat little solar hot water heater made from a couple of cardboard boxes, a space blanket, some clear soda bottles  and some plastic sheeting. Unfortunately, like my solar oven, it’s not very useful in my Northeastern climate in the depth of winter. Still, I keep a folder of instructions like this. You never know when it will come in handy. Another good website is Instructables. They have some amazing ideas for making something out of nothing. I will warn you. The site is addictive.