My Fedco catalog is here and so is my Miller’s. I spend a good bit of time this weekend looking over both and coming up with a wish list. I’m pretty sure I lost two of my pear trees this year. They will need to be replaced if really finished but I guess I should wait to be sure. I have had trees look pretty bad and then recover.

I have a couple of thing on my “gotta have it” list.

Seaberries look really good. Does anybody out there have any experience with them? I also want high bush cranberries and heartnuts. My hops didn’t make it and I plan to try those again. I also want to increase my elderberries. They have done well and the fruit is so valuable to us. I use the elixir whenever I feel a cold coming on and I know it helps. I want more blackberries too. I planted the thornless variety 2 years ago and have yet to see a berry. The wild ones I got from a neighbor produced well but my arm looks as though it’s been through a paper shredder when I harvest. Ah well. No pain, no gain.

I’m also looking at squash seeds. I tried a lot of different varieties this year and some of them just don’t store well. I’ll bet the chickens have eaten 2 dozen red kuri squash. The Blue Kabocha still look great, as do the butternut but the delicata and spaghetti are getting soft. It makes no sense to waste the space on things that won’t keep. I can freeze and dry them but the point is to use as few resources as possible.

Looking through my catalogs and rereading Eliot Coleman is getting me through these dark days. When the sun shines, I sit in the greenhouse. That helps too.

I have a funny story to share. On Saturday night we went to a kids dance party across the street. It was put on by our family center with music by Radio Free Earth. The kids had a ball and so did the adults. A woman was trying to get a couple of little girls to smile so she could get a picture. She said, “Say baloney”! The girls looked at her as though she had lost her mind. I whispered over to her that my guess was that neither girl had ever heard of baloney. She tried again. “Say Brussel sprouts”! Both girls lit up. They shouted, ” Brussel sprouts!” with great big grins. I just thought it was funny but maybe you had to be there.