I went back and forth about sharing this with you all but decided that it would be dishonest to keep it to myself. My daughter called yesterday to tell me her husband lost his job. They live in Florida in one of those gated communities that doesn’t allow you to hang out your laundry or grow a garden. The odds of him finding a job that pays enough to support and wife and two small children are not good. My guess is that they will end up here eventually. We spent last night talking about what we can do to fit everybody in and still like each other. Summer will be fine as we all spend our time outside anyway by come February, well, lets just say that February is a gloomy month under the best of circumstances.  Six adults, three little kids and a teenager are not the best of circumstances.

But this is what I’ve been talking about for the past several years. Things are going to get tighter and smaller and a lot more intimate. We are all going to have to move over and make do and get used to a life of less. That doesn’t mean just less stuff. We won’t miss things but we may miss the privacy and the independence that we have come to expect. It might not be a bad thing to watch some video footage together each Sunday night to see how people live in other places. It will remind us to be grateful for the many ways we’re blessed. My kids are all strong and healthy and know how to work. They all have skills and talents and  can bring much to the table, literally and figuratively. It might just work out well. None of them smoke or drink or cuss. They are all kind to children, neat, polite and willing. They are all musicians and artists. Neddy (my daughter) is neat freak and an organizational whiz. Maggie likes the whole food preservation thing. Chad is a master of finding deals (Craig’s List is our friend). Ben is a peace maker and gifted at relationship building. We can share child care and cooking and chores. We will have to figure out how to share vehicles as we won’t need a car for each of us. I think one truck, one tiny car and one van will be plenty as only two of us will probably be working away from home (if we’re lucky, two will get jobs).

We will talk today about building a garage/workshop/food storage space with a bedroom above it. We talked about looking for a new house, one that’s bigger but it just doesn’t make sense. My house is more than bricks and mortar. We have worked for years to get in the orchard and the berry bushes and other permanent food plants. The raised beds are finished, the greenhouse is working well and the flower beds are at their peak. We can walk nearly everywhere we need to go. There’s a dandy little school right down the street and we abut the tennis courts and town playground. This is not just our house. It’s our home and we’re staying.