First an update: My daughter and family have decided to stick it out in Florida for the time being. I wish them well and hope it works but we always have here as a plan B. Thank you so much for all of the good thoughts and ideas. I sent her a big box of meat and I’m on the lookout for cloth diapers. I also sent her a book on growing food in small spaces.

I need to go shopping. Not for gifts but for some of “gotta have it” preps that have  been getting used up. Here’s the list.

wooden matches, steel wool, flashlights (the cheap ones have not held up), batteries, soap (laundry and dish), razors, OTC medications, toothpaste, shampoo, sanitary supplies, vitamins and socks

I need some food items as well

mustard, mayonnaise, taco sauce, salsa (I forgot to make any this year!!!), peanut butter, cinnamon, pasta, pineapple, dried cranberries, raisins, juice

It is always a surprise how quickly I go through some things. I use a lot of spices and cinnamon goes especially fast. I don’t think you have too much pasta or peanut butter. I lost a lot of my canned pineapple and I need to replace that as it’s one of the only commercially canned fruits my kids will eat. I’m sure this list will get a lot longer as I check my pantry today.

I have not mentioned my new pantry much. I repurposed a very small bedroom to be my food storage room. It isn’t big enough to  hold everything but it did make a big difference. I now have an actual bedroom for my son and DIL. Up until now, they have had to share a room with all of the six gallon buckets, toiletries and the things like pasta that can not be stored in the basement. I covet some of those shelf-reliant shelves that feed from the back. Of course I will never purchase them but I have put them on DH’s “to do” list.

We have had a major rain event here. My basement has standing water in it. That rarely happens and makes me really glad that is Bruce built raised platforms for everything from the freezer to his power tools. More and more, the need for another building is apparent.  I realize that we are not good at making big decisions like this. We are very aware that we have to stretch our resources and would rather be slow than sorry.