We  have a new bunch of new readers I want to welcome. I also want to thank everyone for their lovely and thoughtful comments. Now I want to get some tea and go back to bed. I have a cold and my body is telling me to spend the day sleeping. Unfortunately, my appointment book has other ideas. I have Phoebe’s team meeting this  morning and I’m supposed to meet a photographer to have my picture taken for an article on preparedness a bit later. Then I have a friend who is going to court to get a divorce today and a bunch of her friends (including me) have plans to spend the evening with her. I had said I would drive as she is not sure she will be in any shape. Divorce is a terrible thing, way worse than a cold, and I can’t bail on her. I also can’t reschedule Phoebe’s meeting and I don’t know how to reach the photographer so I guess I just have to soldier on.

DH and I went to dinner at a friend’s home last night. The conversation was all about alternative living arrangements for coming hard times. It was really interesting to hear the ideas floating around. When my brain starts to function again, I’ll have to think on what I heard. Right now, I’m heading for a hot shower and that cup of tea.