Let’s try this again

I got a lovely comment on a previous post asking if I was not a bit fatalistic in expecting coming hard times. Here is my response.

I’m not an economist or a politician or an energy expert or currency trader or stock analyst or any other thing that might give me some insight into how the wide world operates. I am, however, a woman who has to run a household and feed a family on a limited income. Certain things are a given around here and I think they apply to the bigger picture.

If each and every week I spent more than I earned I would soon be in big trouble. If I tried to get out of that trouble by borrowing money or putting my bills on credit cards, I would soon be bankrupt.

If I had promised to support several elderly relatives and pay for the health care for them as well, then found  they all needed care at once, I would be in trouble.

If I needed a job but all the jobs had been outsourced, I would be in trouble.

If I had only one tank of oil and it needed to last me the rest of my life and I found myself with a near empty tank and I had not done anything about getting alternative energy or finding more oil, it would be a problem. If the only people who had the oil I needed didn’t like me much. I would be getting mighty concerned right about now.

If my neighbors were heavily armed and hated each other and were always threatening to kill each other or me I would be thinking that I had a problem.

If I knew that lots of times power outages or snow storms kept me from getting groceries, I would not feel safe with only a three-day supply of food.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the 1811 New Madrid earthquake. It was and 8.5. Only a minimal population density kept the fatalities low. The same quake today could well kill many thousands. Things happen.

I don’t consider myself a fatalist. I’m actually a pretty happy, optimistic person. I don’t think the world as we know will disappear but I do think it will change. I think it will be smaller and slower and we will all be poorer in stuff but richer in time and relationships. I think we might be healthier and happier when we get used to the idea of living with less. Does that make me a fatalist or a realist with a good attitude?

My son and DIL will be home next week and posting might be a bit sporadic. I usually post early in the morning and if we stay up playing music and yakking half the night I might sleep until 6;30 AM!!!!!!  How decadent!