I presented a workshop last night on ways to feed your family better food for less money. It was pretty well-attended but I think the message went largely unheard. People could acknowledge that food prices were up but had no interest in why. They did admit to a lot of waste in their kitchens, much coming from kids who were fussy eaters, and they also admitted to a lack of organization leading to even more waste but I don’t anybody there is likely to change their ways. The thing is, for most of us, old habits are hard to break. As food gets more expensive, I wonder if the incentive will be there to make changes in spite of that.

One of my suggestions is to keep leftovers in glass jars rather than opaque containers. For me, out of sight is out of mind. If I see it, I’ll eat it or add it to a casserole or something. If it’s invisible, it becomes a science project. Have you ever smelled three-week-old rice? Yuck! Still, I don’t think anybody is going to toss the Tupperware any time soon. I also suggest that people check multiple sources for food. Food co-ops have great prices on bulk staples but it requires a certain committment of time and energy to participate.

I save a lot of money when I use menus, buy in season and keep my kitchen organized but again, it takes some extra time and energy to do that. Part of the problem is the hangover we still struggle with from the days of being told that there was no value in the homemaking. The woman’s movement did a lot of good stuff but it ca
me with a high pricetag for families and for woman who wanted to stay home. Things are swinging back out of necessity.

We were supposed to pick my son and DIL up from the train station tonight but they got held up by the big storms out in Utah. They missed their Chicago connection so they are cooling their heals there until tonight. We won’t see them now until tomorrow night. I can’t help but wish we had invested some money in high-speed rail many years ago. One train a day from Chicago to points East is just not efficient.

I watched the CNBC piece on student loan debt last night. I was terrifying. I think it should be mandatory viewing for every family contemplating sending a kid off to school. To begin life with that kind of debt is crazy.