I am sitting in my living room, writing this by the light of the fire, feeling quite snug and pleased with myself. I like to be snowed in on occasion and today seems like an especially good day to be able to stay put. My kids are sleeping, the pantry is well stocked and I have a pile of books that Santa, blesses his jolly little soul, brought me for Christmas. I also have dozens of comments to go through and respond to. All in all, a good way to spend a day.

The first book on my list is Joel Salatin’s The Sheer Ecstasy Of Being A Lunatic Farmer. I LOVE this book! It makes me want to go out and buy a cow or two. He makes such a compelling case for the addition of livestock to a homestead. I also have the Resilient Gardner waiting for me and The Homebrewer’s Garden. So many books, so little time.

In addition to the books, Ben and Maggie have arrived. They had a nightmare of a trip with a two-day delay in a Chicago train station. Maggie lost the stone out of her engagement ring and picked up a nasty cold. But they have the ability to turn such things into funny stories and all of it pales in the pleasure of having them home. We are enjoying our time together. There is a lot of good conversation and music, board games and old movies.

Maggie has promised to show me how to post pictures to my blog. I have long wanted to do that. I really want to post a picture of the gift she received from her aunt. It’s an emergency preparededness notebook that is about the coolest and most organized system I have ever come across. She designed it herself and I plan to ask her if I can order one myself.

I hope all of you had a blessed holiday season. I will have some wonderful recipes to share and some guest post coming up. My best to you all.