My dear DIL had to help me with this and I think I have a double posting of the pictures. This technology stuff is not my strong suit but I’m determined to learn it. I want to be able to add pictures of my garden and greenhouse, canning procesess and cooking demos. I really like the notebook. It is rather like your life in a neat package. I have ordered one for myself. If they become available to a larger audience I will be sure to add the ordering details.
I have good news. My SIL has found a new job. It’s actually a good job with decent pay and benefits. We are so happy for them.

I have been cooking from my storage food quite a bit this week and I learned a few things. The biggest is that my stores will not last as long as I anticipated. I see it in flour for sure. I need to grind wheat again already, the white flour has had to be refilled and I am running low on baking powder. I thought I had plenty but the expiration dates got away from me and baking powder really does lose its punch after a while. Time to shop and reconsider amounts.
I may repost in the morning but I had to do this while I had help.