I really want to talk just a bit more about the notebook as it has space for a few things I had not considered. Page one is a place for “what” and “where’. For example, hand-crank radio-in the upper, left hand kitchen cabinet; wooden matches, cabinet over the refrigerator; alternative cooking tools, den closet.

Emergency Contact Page
Instruction Sheets (for things like disinfecting water)
Pockets for birth certificates, SS cards, driver’s license and so on-make copies of each and note location of original.
Pocket for pictures of each family member
List of internet passwords
Pocket for cash
Credit card info plus customer service numbers
Pocket for local maps (this is a GREAT addition)
Pocket for copies of prescriptions including eyeglasses
Pocket for flash drives of important information
Funeral wishes (we all die and this would make things easier for a surviving spouse

All of the expected lists are also included.

I saw something on TV yesterday that really struck me. It was an interview with some NYC folks who were furious that their streets were still not cleared up from the storm. The dislocation from the reality of the natural world is astounding. Nature bats lasts folks and just because you want or need something does not mean it can magically appear. What on earth will people like this do if things shut down for longer than a few days???? If a blocked road leads you to a temper tantrum then you need an attitude adjustment and the opportunity to spend a few shifts with a road crew.

I have been hit with my New Year, must clean and reorganize the house, Webb-fit crazies today. The clutter from the holiday and the visitors is getting to me and I must rearrange something.