Nope. I’m not talking firearms. I’m talking cheesecloth. We go through a lot of cheesecloth around here. Bruce uses it to strain honey and I use it for lots of things, including cheese making. The little packages are long on plastic and short on cloth while the quality is so poor that it takes 3-4 layers to get a good filter. So I was delighted when my dear friend, Barbara, found a deal on 10 boxes, each holding 80 yards for about $40.00 a box, of excellent, unbleached cheese cloth. I think it is actually butter muslin, sort of cheesecloth on steroids. I bought 2 of the boxes. I know. This seems like overkill, even for me. But I now have a lifetime supply in two neat packages. Who could resist?

This got me to thinking. I’ll want to pick up get a few other fabric bolts to add to my supplies. I’ll bet that chambry, real flannel (not the cheap, polyester junk), terrycloth, cotton broadcloth and denim can be bought a lot cheaper by the bolt. There is a factory outlet near us that sells polar fleece in bags. The price is right but it’s too bulky to store and mice love to nest in the bags. The bolts however, are compact and one will slip under a bed or on a closet shelf. I’ll start a web search today.

I am hoping for a joyous New Year for all of you. I feel so blessed to having this online family. I have learned much, shared much and still look forward to my thrice weekly check in. If this next year proves to be as interesting as I expect, we will need as much support and information as we can muster.