I love to make New Year’s resolutions. I’m not necessarily good at keeping them, mind you; just making them. I think many of us tend to make grand plans, get overwhelmed and then feel demoralized and quit rather than make a new, more realistic plan. That tends to be as true for preparedness planning, reducing consumption and becoming more self-sufficient as it is for losing weight, improving health habits or getting out of debt. Hmmm. Now that’s interesting. Many of the things people typically resolve to change about their lives for reasons of health or finances will also help them in an emergency, lead them to consume less and help them be more self-sufficient.

So here are my resolutions. They are too big and I won’t accomplish them all but I will begin the year with some goals. It will be interesting to go back to this list in a year and see how I’ve done.

1. I want to grow more herbs and learn more about their uses. I’m a real novice in this area and it won’t take much for me to improve.
2. I want to get a better food inventory system in place. This is one of those things I always say I’ll do but never seem to actually accomplish.
3. I have a YA adult novel in the works. I plan to finish that and get it to my agent. This is doable. I’m actually pretty good at getting projects like this done.
4. I need to get a plan in place for our back field. I am reading The Sheer Ecstasy Of Being A Lunatic Farmer by Joel Salatin and it’s inspiring me. I have to accomplish this as the farmer who usually mows our field is not doing it anymore.
5. I will stop snacking so much. I’m a boredom eater. If I layed off the fresh mozzarella, the warm oatmeal cookies, the fried, left over mashed potatoes and the raspberry jam on toasted home-made bread between meals I would be able to fit in a few of my favorite jeans. The question is whether it just be easier to buy new clothes. Well, that isn’t really a question. Of course it would be easier but that isn’t really the point I suppose.
6. This is a big one for me. I want to reduce my time on the computer. I have discovered the joy of on-line novels and it threatens to become an addiction. I am promising myself that I will check my email only three times a day and visit my favorite blogs and web sites only once. I am also committed to not being on-line when the kids are home. The computer is just as big a time waster as television.

How are the rest of you about resolutions? I looking forward to reading about them but only 3 times a da.y