My friends, Barbara and Sheri, are coming over this AM to refine our seed order, compare stock to see what we have to share and seeing if we have duplicates that we can share. It will be way more fun that anything else I could be doing. I do have to spend some time working on my NOFA presentation. I hate to type so this part is not a pleasure but I am looking forward to the conference. I’ve also applied to join Sharon Astyk at her farm weekend. We live pretty close. She’s been here but I’ve never visited her.

Did any of you catch The Profits Of Doom on the History Channel? I watched it with mixed feelings. I have to ask; how many of us really lose any sleep about our house robots taking over and deciding to shut off the oxygen or murder us in our sleep? Yeah. That’s what I thought. There was also a guy talking about nuclear terrorism. I guess I prefer to use my remaining brain cells to plan for things I can actually prepare for like food shortages and resource depletion, natural disasters and economic changes. Since I still watch TV on a tiny set I got as a gift and prefer pedal power to electrical gadgets, the odds that I’m going to let a gorgeous, blond robot take over around here are not good. If I did get a bot it would be an ugly little troll with a bad disposition. I don’t need the competition. In fact, if I got one that burned the food and hummed all day, I would look really good in contrast.

What bothered me about the show was that by tossing in something silly, it took away the opportunity for good discussions about preparation. Even here, what am I doing but making robot jokes rather than opening the discussion about the real problems that were presented. If the goofy had been taken out, there would have been more time for the real predicaments. Too bad for an opportunity squandered.

We are looking for another snow storm today.Not much of a much here I think. I am hoping for several inches at least.
We need it. The soil should not remain bare in these cold temperatures.