I spent some time jumping around YouTube videos on food storage. I found some information on meals in a jar. This is primarily dried soups and stews, chilis and such. I have some of those that I made myself. They work quite well and are certainly better for you as well as less expensive than the commercial varieties. It did get me to thinking about whole meals. I think I have all the makings for complete meals in my storage but if I wasn’t available, my family would have to do some hunting. Say they wanted to make spaghetti and sauce. The sauce is in the basement and the dried vegetables are in a dedicated cabinet. The onions are in the root cellar and the cheese would need to be made from powdered milk if there was none in the refrigerator. I think I need to put together a food finder with my recipes so the kids could put dinner together without a hunt. I’m also want to put together a couple of bins with the makings of a tuna/noddle casserole. 1 bag of noodles, a can of soup, a can of tuna and a can of peas with a jar of applesauce would be easy for a kid to make dinner with. I wouldn’t want to eat that very often but it’s okay in a pinch. There was apparently a book called Meals In A Jars that is now out of print. I want to see if I can find a copy.

I also found a system of fish and gardening that anybody could use to grow food while I was searching food systems. I suppose I should be more enthusiastic but this just makes me crazy. It looks like one more attempt to make money. There are so many ways to grow food that don’t require a several hundred dollar investment as well as a constant influx of power to run. The vegetables could be replaced with a jar growing sprouts and a few container plants and perhaps some mushroom buckets. The protein could come from a couple a backyard chickens. People even raise poultry on back porches. We really have to stop thinking in terms of throwing money at problems rather than throwing some ingenuity.

I’m pretty much set for my NOFA conference on Saturday but I just realized that it overlaps Sharon’s apprentice weekend. Nuts!!!! Still, the conference looks great.