We are socked in today. I remember when a day like this gave me the willies as Bruce had to make the hour plus commute to his job, no matter what the weather. This is better. We’ll read ,play some board games and maybe watch a movie. It will be a good day and not too cold. We will probably even get the snowpeople repaired. They’re looking pitiful.

Bruce went to a local library to watch the documentary, The World According To Monsanto, last night. He returned pretty upset. We know that there is little we can do on the macro level but much we can do on the micro. We have a list of products and vendors that I need to post on the refrigerator and reference before I go shopping. I’m reading more about saving seeds. It isn’t easy, especially for biennials and plants in the squash and corn families. It’s easy to say that people have always saved seed but they did it at a time when they didn’t need to worry about what their neighbor was growing. It’s a whole lot harder now.

I have a dehydrator load going. The fruit leather I made in the fall is long gone and I miss it. There is actually a benefit to drying leather now. The heat is welcome and I’m not fighting the humidity. I’m not rushing around trying to get the garden to bed and the meat in the freezer. I have a couple of trays of squash drying too. I like dried squash. It takes up so little space and is a breeze to fix. I’m starting to lose some butternuts to decay now and drying is a good way to save it. I did put a few bags in the freezer too. If I could be sure the power would stay on I would cook up more now but we have a lot of heavy snow out there.

I just scheduled an energy audit. Our house is old and drafty and we can use all the help we can get.