I don’t usually do this but I feel compelled. I have been reading about Tattler reusable canning lids. I finally gave the company a call and they sent me a box of regular and wide mouth lids to try. There are about the coolest things ever. I thought the rubber ring needed to replace after use but not so. Both the lid and ring can be used for decades if reasonable care is used. Good thing number 1. I have lost the occasional jar of food to the rusting of the metal lid. High acid food is the worst offender. As there is no metal in the lids, there is no rust to worry about. Good thing number 2. This is a pretty small, American company and you get to talk to a real person when you call. Good thing number 3. I can buy the lids in bulk by mail order. They cost more than regular lids (about $20.00 for 3 dozen plus shipping) but as you never need to replace anything, the price is justified. There is also nothing to fill up the land fill. Good things 4 and 5.

Of course, I already have cases of regular lids in storage but I will still use them for food I plan to give as gifts and for use with my vacuum sealer. Actually, trying the Tattler lids with my food saver is on the agenda, right after I can up a load of chicken today. There is a learning curve with these lids and the sealing process is a bit different so I want to practice. The lovely young woman I spoke with suggested I can up a load of water to practice with but I’m feeling pretty confident. I’m going straight to chicken. I was offered several boxes of lids to give as freebies on this site but I don’t want to pursue that until I try them and can give an honest testimonial.

My next commercial break is for a Neti Pot. I never used one before. I thought they sounded creepy but I’ve had this nasty nose since the middle of December ( you wanted to read about that with breakfast now didn’t you). I finally decided to try the pot out of pure desperation. It worked great and I felt better after the first use. I will be sure to keep an extra one of these around.

One final thing. I’m doing my chicken differently today. I have had some trouble with the fat preventing a good seal a few times. I boiled my chicken last night and today I’ll skim off the congealed fat before canning. I also started wiping the rims of the jars with a mild vinegar/water mix to cut any fat that might be lurking. I want a good, tight seal that can’t be opened without using a can opener to break the seal.

I’m looking forward to the NOFA conference in Worcester tomorrow. I hope to learn lots that I can share here.