There is a lot to catch up with today.
First, the Tattler Lids. I tried them out on a load of chicken last week. They’re very easy to use and sealed without a hitch. I know there are some concern about the safety of the lids (see comments from last week) but, for my money, they are still the best choice. I’m planning to buy a supply. I’ll keep the metal lids for use with dried foods and things I plan to give away. I need to try the Tattlers with my food saver and see if they work.

Next, the conference. It was very well done and my workshop had terrific attendance. I took an afternoon workshop on seed saving, something I know little about. Like most things, there is more to it than meets the eye. I save some seeds now but I want to get more proficient and I would love to noodle around with plant genetics and maybe cross some heirloom tomatoes and see what I get. I learned more about both process and theory and now need to get another book on the subject. The one recommended is Seed To Seed. My neighbor, Heather, offered me her copy as she doesn’t plan to use any time soon. Bruce took workshops on Colony Collapse Disorder and on harvesting and using beeswax.

The one thing that bothered me just a bit was the price of some things. There was lard for sale for $20.00 a quart and eggs were $6.00 a dozen. I don’t know if that is the going rate around there but I couldn’t afford it. I’m mighty glad for my little flock of layers.

I only came home with one thing. I got a copy of Make Your Place: affordable,sustainable nesting skills by Raleigh Briggs. It’s a sweet little hand-written book that’s self-published and had some great recipes in it. It was only $7.00. I could have spent more on books but I restrained myself.

The best part of the conference was meeting other people doing what I’m doing for all the reasons I’m doing it. Farmers on the outside, cheerful preppers on the inside.