For a number of years, my life was devoted to caring for children who had victims of trauma and my bookshelf reflected that. I had dozens of books about parenting, trauma, mental health issues in children and autism. I had lots of early childhood ed stuff as well as general sociology and family books. But I’ve moved on and yesterday, with its snow, sleet and freezing rain was a good day for finding homes for the books I no longer use and making space for new acquisitions. I found a children’s mental health clinic that was happy to take my collection (yeah!!!) and got them boxed up. I then had the pleasure of shelving my new books. The next slow day, I want to work on system to better organize by subject. I’m reading John Micheal Greer’s The Ecotechnic Future right now. He’s a wonderful writer and I find his philosophy one I can relate too. His theory of homeostasis is very comforting.

Other new books are: The Rodale Book of Composting, Endgame, Jerry Baker’s Old-Time Gardening Wisdom, The Witch Of Hebron, Prelude, The Sheer Ecstasy Of Being A Lunatic Farmer, Home Brewer’s Garden, Tending The Wild, and a bunch of small permaculture books. This doesn’t count the cookbooks and food preservation books. I keep those in the kitchen.

Of all the things I have for preparation, my books are my most valuable. I have the self-reliant wisdom of centuries in two bookcases. If anything happens to me, my kids will have the information they need to make do. I do buy books new but I also borrow, swap, scavenge and buy second-hand. I borrow from the library if I’m not sure about a book. Reading the reviews on Amazon has saved me from many an unwise purchase. (There’s a reason a book only has one star).

One thing I have to do a better job with is keeping track of my books as I lend them out. Fortunately, most of my friends are reliable and return what they’re finished with.

The composting book was a good spend. I really need to refine my composting system. I need to add at least two more bins to the three I have so two are cooking and three being filled.

Are any of you reading anything excellent? I’m always interested in post-apocalyptic novels as well as how-to and gardening books.