The snow is beautiful, deep and pristine. My girls have another snow day which I don’t mind at all. I really want to give a shout out to all of the men and women who will drive out in this stuff to go to work in hospitals and police and fire stations and all who will work through nights and days to keep the streets plowed. If I were to call 911 right now, an ambulance would show up at my door. I should mention that, around here, the ambulance drivers are all volunteers. During the ice storm, the special needs son of a dear friend of mine needed to be transported to the hospital. The road crew made a special trip to plow and sand not just her road but also her long driveway so the ambulance could make it up.

We had our energy audit yesterday. The gentleman who did it was a real pro and gave us a great assessment. I wish I could say it was all good but we need some major work done around here. It’s nothing we weren’t aware of but the work is more pressing than we realized. We have some old wiring that needs to be replaced before more insulation can go in the attic, the chimney needs work and the furnace should be replaced. We also found a big leaks in a flat section of roof that has allowed the insulation to get very wet. The roof needs to be replaced and the insulation as well. These are big (and expensive) jobs but we are going to bite the bullet and get them done. The outdoor jobs will have to wait for spring but we’ve already made call to contractors for the other things. Bruce is mighty handy but some things are beyond the scope of his abilities. OUr goal is to get this place as tight as possible and to get all of the systems up to code. Then we can tackle the water issue. We have town water but we want to get our old well back in use as a back up. Again, not a cheap project but the security of having our own water, independent of the grid, is priceless.

I had a question about my favorite herbal books. I like Rosemary Gladstar’s book, The Family Herbal and Medicinal Plants Of North America. I hope to take some classes this year. We have a good herbal medicine school close by the the timing never works out for me. Maybe this year.

I just called about cheese making classes too. I am so lucky to live in a place where I have access to these classes. I want to learn about hard cheeses.