In going over my seed and food inventory, I also made a “gotta have it list”. I have only a couple of things but they’re important ones and, in some cases, exspensive.

Plans for making a still: This is an easy one. I just have to pull the info up and print it out. Now that I’ve put it up here, there are no more lazy excuses.

Big Berkey water filter: This is one of the expensive buys. I get complacent becasue of our water system being pretty good but I think everybody needs one of these.

Tattler Lids: I just made my count yesterday. I have friends who, I believe, want some too so we’ll be putting in a big order next week.

Solar shower: Again, no excuses. A quick stop at the sporting goods store. I’m giving myself until next week.

More canning jars: I finished my inventory. I don’t need many but I would like more wide mouth jars. It’s hard to believe right now as I have so many sitting empty but this is not the case in September when I could well be scrounging for them.

Cheese press: I got the information on making hard cheese but I need the press and more cheese wax. We have access to good milk around here and, during the spring glut, I need to be making cheese. I live about 10 minutes from the New England Cheesemaking Company. I’m giving them a call this AM and ordering the wax and the press.

Pump and Seal. I love my Food Saver but it relies on electricy. The Pump and Seal gets good reviews and it isn’t too expensive.

I had a very interesting conversation with my dear friend, Sheri, last week. Sheri is very smart and never fails to make me think. We talked about buying “stuff”, even stuff that “saves energy” or “preps for the future”. It all enters into this stream of comsumption and disposal. I must confess that my “gotta have it” list used to be a lot longer. After my talk with Sheri, I cut out several things that were really not necessary, just remarkably cool. In fact, looking at my list now makes me wonder about putting the word out on Craig’s list and Freecycle. Maybe somebody has a case of wide-mouth jars or a used solar shower just sitting around, looking for a home.