I want to be a Master Canner. I teach quite a lot and having the Master Canner Certificate would give me some legitimacy. So for months now, I’ve been looking from Idaho to Maine, trying to find an on-line program as Massachusetts has not had one for decades. It turns out that few states have any programs left at tall. Even the University of Georgia, home of the National Center For Home Preservation has had their budget so severely cut that no one there even responds to my repeated emails. They used to have an on-line, self-study course and it was a real blow to find that there is no one left to run it. I will say that the people I have spoken with at universities around the country have been kind and helpful if not encouraging. My next step is to get my own curriculum ready for a peer review and look for an organization to sponsor it. I’m flying blind here with no idea where all this will lead but I do feel called to proceed.

As I look at what’s going on around the planet I can understand why many are inclined to turn on American Idol and escape to fantasy land but that’s not what happens to me. I get motivated to take charge of my food, my heat, my health, my whole life. We are pioneers here, not sure what the future holds but certain that we are headed to places that have few roadmaps. Over the next several weeks, I will be building some new things, buying a few things and making some plans. I want a way to communicate with local friends (who are more like family) should we lose our telephone service. I want to get my oil press and figure out its limitations. I want to learn more about making my own potting soil. I want to make a still and build a mud oven. I just bought a gallon of vodka so I can take a class in making tinctures. I’m ordering the filters I need to build a water filter. Will I get it all done? Probably not but that doesn’t mean I won’t get some of it done. I’ll be sharing my trip with you all, glad for the feedback and the encouragement. Look for some pictures of my projects. You can laugh if you like but take notes too. Times, they are a-changin.