After a week of doing little besides watching the news (counterproductive) and watching the weather (unbelievable-I hope you all made it through unscathed) I feel the need to do something real. Seed starting works for me. It seems silly to contemplate, what with 4 feet of snow and ice on the ground, but the time has come. The bak-choi, tat-soi, spinach and kale are going in to soil cells tomorrow as are a bunch of herbs. They’ll be followed by the hardy brassicas. I keep rearranging my plot plan and wonder how I’ll ever fit it all in. I have a friend coming to help me with the herbs as that’s her field.

We are debating between adding sheep or turkeys to the homestead this year. The sheep will better at keeping the field eaten down but I think you get more bang for your buck with poultry. I can butcher my own birds but I need to pay someone else to do the sheep. And, to be quite honest, I’m not crazy about lamb. I’ll eat it but then I’ll eat pretty much everything but I’d rather eat a nice roasted bird. I’m also worried that Phoebe will fall in love with a lamb. The whole falling in love thing doesn’t seem to happen with turkeys. Knowing the way we do things, we are likely to end up with both. In my dreams we get a beautiful little Jersey calf but Bruce sees that as being way more work than he wants to tackle, especially as we have friends and neighbors with milk cows already.

I got another couple of books. These were borrowed but I’m going to have to purchase The Alaskan Bootlegger’s Bible. It has excellent instructions for making wine, beer and moonshine using equipment most of have sitting around. He also suggests making a yeast solution and keeping it the refrigerator, then feeding it from time to time, just like you would sourdough. The second book is Build Your Own /earth Oven. It has great illustrations that make me want to get right to work, except for that pesky snow.

The chickens have decided that it’s spring. They’re laying like crazy and we’re drowning in eggs. I need to get a few in the freezer. I put them up in 2 egg containers and use them, thawed, for baking.

I did want to mention a really fun event this week. Our little grocery held a Friday Night Family Game Night. It was just popcorn and cider and tables of games. I had such a good time and the girls loved it. I had a couple of coupons left over from Christmas and used them to get some new games. We are big fans of The Settlers Of Cattan.

I’ve been on the lookout for food grade plastic buckets. You used to be able to pick those up all over town but no more. They all seem to be spoken for. I wonder if we have a lot of closet preppers scooping them up.