A couple of nice things happened today. The first was ordering my tattler lids. After placing the order, someone from the company must have read this blog. They called back to say that they had read I was planning to make tinctures and advised me that the lids should not be used with alcoholic content. That kind of service isn’t likely with a huge company. I really appreciated it. The second thing was hearing from my editor that Mother Earth News wants to interview me next Monday for their radio broadcast. I didn’t even know they had a radio show. The final things was getting a call from some folks involved with an urban homesteading group looking for me to do some food preservation workshops for them. All good stuff.

I have been having some back and forth exchanges with one of my readers about the wisdom of canning cheese and butter. Both are low acid foods and the USDA does not recommended that they be canned. The arguments against are compelling as the consequences of being wrong could be deadly. This is the kind of thing that makes the loss of our county exchange services such a blow. I want to see the research, never having been one to be satisfied with edicts and wanting hard evidence. If you do plan to can any dairy product, please understand that you are taking a risk.

I had a doctor’s appointment today and needed to pick up my grandson at school later in the day. I had about 2 hours to fill and so I went shopping. It is really amazing how much stuff there is in the world that I have no desire to own. I ended up sitting in the parking lot for the last hour with a good murder mystery and no telephone. There are worse ways to spend one’s time.

I actually had two more good things. I have my grandkids this week while their dad is out-of-town. My granddaughter, Emily was talking about Three Cups Of Tea, the book whe just finished. That led to a conversation about cultural imperialism. My daughter, Karen, is reading The Grapes Of Wrath and we spent a lively hour talking about books and life and community and hard times. My final good thing is personal but I’m going to share. I had a funky looking mole as, as both of my parents had melanoma, I was pretty worried. Well I don’t have melanoma (thank you sunscreen and broad brimmed hats and hating to sunbathe). When you have your health and your kids and your community and work you love you really do have pretty much everything. No wonder I couldn’t find anything I wanted to buy.