I was noticing the candles in church today. The process is that the one on the right is lighted first, then the one on the left. The metal wand is laid to the side. After the service, the candle on the left is extinguished, then the one on the right. This goes on every week. I realized that the candle on the left is noticeable longer than the right hand candle. One would not think that the 10-15 seconds of extra time would make much of a difference but it clearly does.

Little and often. There is so much to do to get a store of food in place. Then there’s the extras, the lighting and the clothing and the toiletries. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and just not do anything. It’s also easy to say that, just this week, you won’t bother. Maybe funds are running low or time is short. I think it’s important to make the committment to do at least one thing each week. Maybe you can’t buy a case of beans but can you get a box of wooden matches. If you really don’t have the extra money, can you clean out that drawer or closet to make room for something next week? Can you check a book out from the library to peruse before deciding if it’s worth the spend? Maybe all you can do this week is refill the windshield washer fluid in your car before you run out or call to make that dentist appointment you’ve been putting off. You can always cook a meal from your stored food or teach your kid a skill. There is something that you can do. Preparedness is habit like any other and you have to practice it.

My new Tattler lids came in on Saturday. My goal next week is to can up a bunch of dried beans. I also got the So Easy To Preserve DVD’s and companion book form the University of Georgia and I need to finish watching those as well as finish reading the book. I ordered 8 new sheets of Paraflex for my Excalibur and I will use it as soon as it arrives to make a big batch of raspberry/applesauce fruit leather. I can’t believe it’s all gone. The dried apples are running low too. I need to double the amount I make next year. On the other hand, the vegetables are holding up really well. I don’t think I will run out before the first harvest of summer. That’s a first for us and one I’m pretty proud of. This post is going to be short tonight. I just returned from a Valentine’s Day chocolate tasting at our little grocery. It was fun but I totally overdid the chocolate and I’m feeling a bit sick. Moderation in all things. Words to live by.