Sometimes the answer is sitting right in front of you. A week ago I bought a new waste basket for my kitchen. The old on had a metal to and it had rusted terrible and become impossible to clean. I put it out on the back porch, hoping Bruce could repurpose the plastic interior for something. Today, as I wa mulling over the long trek across the ice to the compost, It hit me. I can just use the old trash basket for the compost. It looks okay. It’s rodent proof (sort of). It will take a while to fill up and it can be moved to the basement during the worst months of the winter. It isn’t perfect but it’s good enough and good enough will do, especially as I just learned that the barrel composter would run nearly $300.00 with shipping.

I’ve been looking over my stores and realized that I need to replenish the shoe supplies and the socks. We have a great sock place (Acme Surplus) but shoe laces are one of those things I often forget about. I need a couple of dozen packages of white sneaker laces and lots of the flat, brown laces for work boots. I hate those round laces. They never hold and they are always way longen necessary. If you cut them, they fray unless you burn the ends, an altogether unsatisfactory situation. I also store Shoe Goo and water proofing wax. If I find a good buy on sneakers I will get them even if I don’t need them. The same thing for work boots. I don’t bother with dress shoes. If I can’t afford dress shoes the odds are I can’t afford to go anyplace that requires them.
If you find yourself out shopping, now is the time to stock up on extra hats, gloves and heavy socks. I just got a nifty down coat for my grandson for $6.00 at the second-hand shop. It won’t fit him for years but that’s the nature of the squirrel in me. I see that the swim suits are out but they hold no thrill for. Third and final markdown is what I’m looking for.

I just picked up my latest co-op order. I got dried cranberries, walnuts, 25 pound of black beans and 5 pound of dried apples as mine have finally run out. I used the cranberries and walnuts to make an instant oatmeal mix. It’s 6 cups of rolled oats that I run through the food processer, 1.5 cups of powdered milk, 1/2 cup of brown sugar, 1 tablespoon cinnamon, a sprinkle of cloves and a cup each of the walnuts and cranberries. A 1/2 cup fo boiling water and 1/2 cup of this mix makes a good substitute for the very expensive, tiny packets from Quakers. No packaging, no GMO’s, no agribiz but all of the convenience Bruce wants if he has to rush out in the morning. I got the black beans to can up at the workshop I’m doing for an Urban Homesteading group next weekend.

I have been asked by a few people who came to my blog by way of the books I wrote about foster care and adoption if I would speak to that subject from time to time. I have given it a lot of thought and have decided against it. It is really hard to keep the details of the lives of any children who share our home confidential. Putting it out here makes it all just that much more complicated. If anyone wants to ask a question or share a story you can post it here but I will answer privately. I moderate all coments to keep out the trolls, the spam and the odd people who want to have me sell things for them.