I don’t know which hour you all lost but I lost the one I usually post in. That may actually just be an excuse for not writing. I seem to have hit the posting wall. The news is so universally bad this morning that coming up with something that sounds even marginally upbeat or positive is impossible. I can’t help but recognize that all the preps in the world would have made little difference to the people of Japan. Still, I found myself updating my BOB, something I rarely think about as I can’t come up with any plausible reason I would ever need to evacuate.

My toe is much better. Thank you all for your advice and good wishes. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new readers. We have many from around the world. Time out.

So I was sitting at the computer, struggling for each word when I got a call from Phoebe’s teacher asking that I bring her forgotten sneakers to school. I got my self dressed, brushed my teeth, ran a washcloth over my face and walked to her school and back in what can only be called bracing air. I returned feeling much better. So that’s my preparedness tip of the day. Just get up. Even when all seems bleak, get up and do something, anything to avoid the trap of depression and inertia. I can now remember some good stuff to share.

Yesterday was a very good day. I don’t usually plan things for Sundays but I accepted an offer to teach a canning workshop for the afternoon. It went really well, with a bunch of good food and lots of laughter and conversation. I didn’t charge for the class but the women who put it on left a basket for donations on the table. I got not only money but also home-made goodies, always a plus in my book. I got home in time to clean up and spend some time with the girls before heading to neighbor’s home for dinner with a bunch of our dearest friends. Then talk was all about things like alternative, small-scale energy projects and equipping our children with the skills they will need to manage in an energy challenged, environmentally challenged, economically challenged world. It was a wonderful night and I hated to leave but I’m pretty sleep deprived right now and clean sheets called.

One thing I have been thinking about a lot this weekend is that you never know. The world can change in an instant and we need to be ready, not just with supplies but with our relationships. Maybe this would be a good time to patch up an old wound or to make amends for a past wrong. I might be the time to call your brother or send you mom flowers for no reason. Today is a good day to thank the readers of this blog for the comments, suggestions, gestures of good will and insights that make this blog such a joy for me (most of the time). I will try to catch up on the comments later. Just now, I have to go call my sister.