“You don’t get a field plowed by turning it over in your mind”

I stole that little saying from my friends, B&B’s, refridgerator. I am keeping it in mind as go out today. My daughter, Karen, turned 17 yesterday and we are going out for a girl’s day, complete with manicures (for her) and shopping. You can tell Karen is my girl through and through because she asked to go to the thrift store as opposed to the mall. I’m on the lookout for real things like canning jars, heavy-duty work clothes, cast iron cookwear and large capacity food storage containers. I’ll also be looking for more hand tools. The work begins around here. Ben and Maggie will be home soon and the extra hands will make some put-off projects acheivable. The time has come to stop turning it over in our minds.

We are talking about putting real effort into a farmer’s market stand for those things we can make that don’t require a commercial kitchen to sell. Things like jams and jellies, breads and honey products are all good. I always have it in my mind that my girls need a foot in the informal economy as college is not for them. The earlier they learn the ropes the better.

This a short post as I need to get out the door. Much is going on that will be taking my attention. Our little school is back on the chopping block and only the hard work of parents and staff will keep it open. That means I’m back to having PTO meetings on my agenda. Not my favorite things but necessary even though it won’t affect my kids. It will affect my neighbor’s kids which means I still have a responsibility.

One more thing. My oil press came in. I haven’t seen it yet but my friend Barbara says it looks really well built. Now I have to consider what I can grow to keep me supplied with cooking oil. Sunflowers are high on my list. I can store the raw seeds too. I need to check the shelf life. I know oil must be rotated within a year. It will be so great if I can store a seed that will produce the oil and worry less about shelf-life. Do any of you know about this?

One final thing: If you have a chance to read Sharon Astyk’s post on her Ark story. It’s so good. I can’t wait to get to the next installment.