Nope…Not yet

On another nerve-wracking subject VOLES!!!

So, I was feeling all smug and proud of myself because I had a greenhouse full of healthy greens going. The new starts were looking quite healthy and the seeds I planted late last fall were several inches tall. I was anticipating my first spring salad when the voles struck. They ate every green right down to soil level. I may need to head down to the local arcade and play a couple of games of Whack-A-Mole to vent my frustrations.

The subject of pest control is an important one and not something I feel all that competent in. I do know I am going to stock up on a whole mess of mouse and rat traps, fly paper and some good fly swatters. Pests can be more than pest if there is a crisis. They can be deadly, either from the diseases they carry or the food they destroy. Can anybody out there recommend a good web site or book on this subject. It’s a real hole in my preparedness library.

I did come up aith a good idea this week. I found myself needing a bucket for rice when I restocked and the ony one I had still had just a little wheat left in it. I was pondering what to do as there was too much wheat for a 1/2 gallon jar. I did find an empty popcorn tin. It was large enough but needed a mylar bad or something similar and I didn’t have one small enough. I finally decided to put four cups of wheat berries in 1 gallon zip-lock bags and layer them in the tin. The size is good as I often grind in just that volume and the tin is rodent proof. I sealed the edge of the lid with some duct tape and it should be bug proof as well. I also found a store that is willing to save some buckets for me. Yeah. I was beginning to think I would have to spend actual money on some.

I had a nice time Saturday night. We went across the street to the community house for our annual Earth Day event. There was lots of good music, good food, great company and I got to speak on food resilient communities. I’m going to post my talk for my blog on Wednesday as I hope to be heavily in Grammy mode by then and not in the mood to think.

The world continues to spin in spite of the spate of dreadful news. I must remember that life is good and blessings are abundant but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to top off a lot of my preps and encourage others to do the same.