It was amazing and she’s about the prettiest little thing. 6 lbs, 14 oz, a nice 9/10 apgar and nursed really well. Thank you all for the warm thoughts.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programing:

A lot is going on around here. The new furnace and hot water heater have been installed. The rest of the windows are on order and, as soon as we can count on the weather, the new roof and insulation are going over the living room. We plan to face next winter as tight and efficient as possible in a house built in 1863.

The plot plan for the garden is finished but I know we’ll be refining it. I have, as usual, gone overboard with my tree and bush order and all of them need homes. The time is also getting short if I want a couple of sheep in the back pasture. Bruce needs to lay in a call to the farmer who usually mows that field so we know where we stand.

My garlic is poking up as is the rhubarb, just in time for a late spring snowstorm.

How is your storage food holding up? I’m now out of broccoli and onions. The beets and carrots will make it to the next harvest and I’m drowning in jam. I love to make it but we just don’t eat that much. We go through a lot more fruit leather and dried fruit for sauces and frozen fruit for yogurt than we do jam. I don’t through turnips quickly enough to justify much garden space but I could have used double the peas (my last bag was eaten yesterday). I still have string beans but my dried peppers are all gone as is my dried spinach and zucchini. In general, I used a lot more dried vegetables than I expected but none of the canned vegetables got eaten. I needed more pickled beets but not so many dill spears. The bread and butters were just about perfect. It’s all tweaking, isn’t it? I’m also trying to calculate for feeding more people next year. I hope to ease things for my kids by offering produce.

I’ll get back to regular posting schedule next week. Thanks for your patience.