I had a very interesting question in my comment section last week. What would I do if I knew I had just two left before a major dislocation occurred? Two years is a good time frame for me to consider. It’s close enough for a sense of immediacy but far enough away to give me time to make real changes. So here goes.

Location. I would be looking at where I lived. If I had long been planning to relocate, now ould be the time. Maybe I would want to be closer to kin. Maybe a place with a more stable climate would work. I might be looking at a walkable community or someplace more rural. If my relocation plan included moving to Aunt Sally’s farm, now would be a good time to ask Aunt Sally what she thought about that idea. I know I have family and friends who still joke about coming here. I have 7 kids, 3 kid-in-laws and 6 grandkids. Sorry. No more room at this particular inn.

Systems. Now would be the time to get the windows replaced, the chimney repaired, the roof patched and the wood stove hooked up. How will you cook? Will the toilet flush? Look at everything you do and ask yourself the “what if” questions.

Water. Where does it come from and what would you do if it come from there anymore? What would you need to access local sources? Filters or containers, a hand pump or collection system; the time to get them is before the grid goes.

Food. Where you get it? Do you need to grow more of your own? I’m learning about seed saving just now. Like most things, there is more to it than meets the eye. Get your soil analyzed, get the tools and the skills Start today. #10 cans come and go but a good hoe is forever.

Transportation. How will you get from point A to point B. Do you need a bike. How about some spare tires and a bike pump?

Health. Get the tooth filled, the glasses updated and that tetanus shot you’ve been putting off. Get healthy. Meet your local herbalist and chiropractor. It will be easier to trade for an adjustment than to get a disk fused.

Communications. How will you get your news and connect with your family. Make a family disaster plan so you know who’s picking up the kids and where you will meet.

A one year supply of basic food. Not that you should plan to eat just that but you do want to have a back-up if we get hit with late blight or a deer gets in the corn patch or you break an arm.

Stuff. Shoelaces and wicking, socks and band-aids. Man does not live by bread alone.

Skills. Learn how now. I do not want to be trying to read the directions to my oil press in the cold and dark. Those preparedness library shelves should be overflowing with how-to manuals.

With whom. I can preserve the sauce but not set a bone. I can raise the bees but not the dairy cow. Bruce can build a shed but not-well there’s not much he can’t put his hand to but you get my point. We are not self-sufficient. We’re co-dependent. A community matters unless you’re planning to hide in a cave and eat raw squirrel. I’m not. I need people to do what I can’t.

I’m sure I’ve left out lots of things but this covers the basics. What other ideas are floating around out there. Herbalpagan. I’m counting on you.

Just an aside. I’m going to pick up canning jars today. An elderly neighbor is moving to Florida and offered me two hundred canning jars if I will pick them up. Tomorrow I am getting my car repaired. We just got new tires and now want to replace belts and hoses as well as get a tune up. On Tuesday, I’m getting my yearly physical and setting up an appointment for an eye exam. There is buy one get a pair for 1/2 price sale at the opticians. That will give me three pairs of good glasses. I can’t manage with out my specs so extras are a necessity.