No. Not time until TEOTWAWKI, just time until my son and wife come home, the garden gets going, the tree and bush order arrives and so on and so on. After a long, sleepy winter spring is here in full force and I don’t feel ready.

Projects: The new beds for strawberries and blueberries are 1/2 prepped and waiting for plants. We are enlarging the potato/squash beds and putting in a second greenhouse too.

We are getting the chimney relined to take the wood furnace in the basement. We also need to find someone who can inspect it and repair if necessary.

Replacing the downstairs windows.

Replace the flat roof and reinsulate.

Replace the back wall in the living room. I think the insulation has gotten wet from the flat roof leak. It’s a big, messy job.

Figure out the plan for the back pasture.

Get the farm stand up and running. This means a daily schedule of baking.

That should do it for now. There are always the small jobs like log inoculation, minor repairs and tree planting. The Fedco order has arrived and I can’t remember what I ordered. I know there are some elderberry trees and maybe a cherry too. Anyway, I’m off to work. Posting may be sparse during the next few week, at least until the garden is in and the house cleaned and prepped for two more adults. I’ll try to chronicle how it works as I think a lot of us may find that we need to double up to manage our coming economic problems. It makes sense but it won’t be easy to rethink what family structure looks like. Flexibility and planning are going to matter. The first order of business is to sit down and figure out the basics. Who cook when? How do manage project time? If this is Maggie’s home she needs to feel free to treat the kitchen as hers. I need to let go of control. It needs to be our space rather than mine.