What I’m stealing here are ideas and information.

First: Eggs. Any of you trying to hard boil a fresh egg knows that it’s darn near impossible. My neighbor and egg partner suggested I steam the eggs for 9 1/2 minutes. I put a dozen fresh eggs in my steamer basket and it worked perfectly, as long as I peeled them while still hot. Another advantage is that is uses less water.

Second: Cheese press. I’m anxious to make hard cheese but I don’t have a cheese press. My friends, Barbara and Sheri made one out of a #10 can, a steamer basket with the handle removed, a small cake pan (like what you would use for the top of a wedding cake) and hand wights. I am absolutely going to make me one of these.

Third: Grain grinder reviews: There is a blog out there called The Good, The Bad, The ugly, Comparing Hand Grain Mills, that gives excellent information on grain grinders.

Fourth: Soil blocks. Read the information of these things. I spent the morning yesterday making my first soil blocks and planting the seeds for my herb garden. It’s pretty cool and the science is compelling on the benefits for using these as opposed to commercial potting soil.

It was a productive weekend. I took a gardening class in the afternoon that presented excellent information that I will put to good use. I’m going to try the Wall O’Water on my tomatoes. Our season is so short and the benefit to early tomatoes is the protection you get from late blight. My blueberries, cranberries, elderberries, blackberries and pear trees arrived this week. It’s planting time! YEAH!!!!! Strawberries arrives as well. I got a new variety called Seascape that looks good.