Nope. Not that end. Just the end of the trip for my kids. They are making a last big push and hope to arrive late tonight. Fresh sheets are on the bed. The bathroom is clean and stocked. I’ll be making a grocery run today so the refrigerator will look all lush. That part is necessary as the winter stuff is sadly depleted and the summer food not yet here. Late spring would be a very bad time of the year for the real EOTWAWKI. We wouldn’t starve but we would get mighty sick of our limited diet. I look every day for the first asparagus.

One of the upsides to getting ready to house two more people is that it has made me rotate and restock some of my supplies. When you buy things like shampoo and toothpaste in bulk, it’s easy to get complacent. I really needed more shampoo, toothpaste and sanitary supplies. As i cleaned out my own bathroom I found that my little one has been having a blast with the band-aids and I was down to weird sizes and only two boxes that are untouched. That is nowhere near enough around here where band-aids are part of our daily outfits. Little cuts left unattended or allowed to get dirty can spell big problems. I’m still good on latex gloves but I need to resupply the antibiotic cream. Maybe this is a good place to talk about cut care.

I cut my finger this week. It wasn’t a bad cut but it was in a bad place, right on the tip of my index finger. I first washed ir with hot, soapy water and rinsed it out well. Had I still seen debris I would have asked Bruce to remove any that couldn’t be rinsed out with clean tweezers. Good quality tweezers are a must in your first aid kit. I added a good squeeze of bactriban and covered it with a band-aid. The next part was harder. I wore latex gloves under my gardening gloves while working in the dirt. I rewashed the cut several times a day and paid close attention to hygiene, especially after using the toilet and such. Three days later the cut has mostly healed and I can dispense with everything but the gloves in the garden. there is still a bit of an open wound and infection is still a possibility. Needless to say, I am up-to-date on my shots.

This may seem like overkill but an infected finger would be a pain on a good day. On a bad day, it could be deadly.

I want to thank everyone for their continued interest and support. I think about retiring the blog as it seems as though I don’t have much new information to offer but I would really miss hearing from all of you. Starting my morning with a post is by turns motivating, humbling and inspiring.

Best wishes,