I may regret this but I am really wanting to take some courses. UMass is offering a 12 credit Sustainable Food Program. It can be taken entirely on-line or in a combination of on-line and campus based classes. I actually love classes. I even love writing papers but I also know myself. Perhaps I should say that I know my life. I don’t want to commit to this and then find myself resenting the time away from the real work of raising and preserving food and teaching others to do the same. Still, this feels like a last hurrah time. If I don’t do it now, then when? I’m not getting any younger and the time is coming when knowing this stuff may spell the difference between comfort and want for my family and community. I get a little wistful when I realize just much others know and how much time I wasted learning drivel. Trigonometry for instance. I spent a year of my life suffering through those classes and emerged with nothing but a bruised ego for my life energy. Never understood it. Don’t care. Wish I had taken the woodworking classes that were not offered to girls or college preps students in those days.

The sun is shining. I know I should write a motivating and enlightening post here but the garden is waiting for me. I need to get out and survey the damage to the asparagus spears. We had a frost last night and I didn’t cover them up. I hope they aren’t all wilted and pitiful looking. I have to go to work today. I don’t often mention that I work one day a week for DCF, coordinating the program that provides to foster parents providing care to children with special needs. It gives me a chance to dress in something other than jeans and T-shirts, to talk about things other than gardens and doom, and to have a window into what people not consumed with these things are talking and worrying about. It pretty interesting. I really like my job but I would way rather go when it’s raining out. We have so little sun; I hate waste it inside.